Columbia Maryland

Columbia Mall's Tribute to the 9/11 victims in 2011

Columbia Mall’s Tribute to the 9/11 victims in 2011

I promised myself when I started this blog six months ago that I would focus on the photos while sharing some of my life. I stray from that today because yesterday’s events affect KI and me as we live in Columbia, and KI works here.

A week ago if this had been a blog title very few would take notice. Today, Columbia Maryland joins the many other US cities where gun violence has permeated the quiet peacefulness of every day life. As I posted on Facebook, I was going to run some errands yesterday at the mall-my fourth trip of the week. Why so many trips to the mall? Columbia’ mall is our downtown. We eat there, shop there, go to movies, do our banking there, and even exercise there( it’s so big and open that there are walking groups that meet to do laps there). The Apple store has classes there for iPad, MAC and iPhone users. I often  work on a photo project at the store so I can get realtime help. Even our title company is located at the mall.

Even after all the violence that has happened with guns in our country recently, I never go to a place thinking that I need to look out for trouble. I need to watch my neighbor or fellow shopper because they may pull out a gun and begin shooting. None of us do that as a rule. Why? Because it couldn’t happen to us, We are not “them”. And so we do not see the urgency in taking action, changing, or even being activist. Something has got to give. KI and I know we need to do something. We do not know what yet, but we now know that we are “them.” Gun violence can happen to anyone, anywhere even at our own Columbia Mall, and we are not immune anymore.

I do not know when the Mall will open again, maybe tomorrow or maybe Tuesday. I still need to run that errand, and even with a stronger police presence, how will I feel going there? It will not be a mindless task anymore but a cautious and very aware trip that I will take to do an every day task.

Below are a few photos of Columbia. It is a beautiful town with natural beauty and a place I take photos of often.

The icy Middle Patuxent River behind Robinson Nature Center

Icy Flow

Another view of the river as seen from the nature center's trails. Both photos taken yesterday

Winter on the River

Taken at one of the many lakes in Columbia where Ki and I walk

Taken at one of the many lakes in Columbia where Ki and I walk

Taken on our property last summer

Taken on our property last summer

Summertime in Columbia

Summertime in Columbia

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I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook-, my purchase site- or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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5 Responses to Columbia Maryland

  1. Lee Lynch says:

    Moving blog, Kathi. And wonderful photos. There is probably a group you can join to promote gun registration. It’s a first step, anyway. I’m so glad you you weren’t there.


    • Me too, Lee. Kim and I need to figure out how to make a difference. Our governor is a lame duck but he has not announced any changes. Unfortunately the gunman used a shotgun which is used for hunting, a popular sport here


      • Lee Lynch says:

        Part of the problem. How can killing beautiful living creatures be considered a sport? Makes it easier to cross the line to killing humans. But all we are asking is to register guns, not to take away any legal rights. The fear slogan I am hearing is that registration leads to confiscation.


      • Lee, I agree again. I think the bigger issue though is mental health and how we cannot even agree on that. seems to be a no brainer.


      • Lee Lynch says:

        Yes, you are right. Perhaps the new heath care accessibility will help with that. People who need them for mental health issues may be able to afford meds and a physician to prescribe them now.


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