It’s That Time of Year…Cherry Blossoms Galore

As I write this post, the cherry blossoms are still clinging to the trees. No major wind storms, no major rain storms, just a little frost, snow and ice, but they are still around. Probably by the time this blog is published, all the petals will be history until next year. There are few things in DC that are more predictable than the cherry blossom peak(although last year they got it wrong 3 times!).



The National Park Service nailed it this year. And with my fellow photographers and great friends, DK and Rose, we braved the busiest day of the year around the Tidal Basin. That’s the Sunday of the Cherry Blossom Festival. I had never been to view the blossoms on a weekend, much less one that had the most beautiful weather of 2014, so I had no idea how many people would be there.

Cherry Blossoms on the Basin

Cherry Blossom on the Basin




I kept thinking to myself, “what if I am accidentally pushed into the water? How can I keep my camera dry?” Luckily that scenario never happened. We walked the entire Basin, a fairly new ritual for me. This is my fourth year going to DC to see peak blooms( KI and my tenth anniversary of living in Maryland just happened to fall on this peak weekend).

April Blossoms

April Blossoms

Before that I just drove by them on my way to somewhere else. In fact, it was at this very photo shoot in 2011 where I decided to get serious about my photography again, and I’ve never looked back.

It’s an amazing sight to see the monuments and memorials of DC surrounded by these lovely blooms. While we have many cherry blossom trees in my neighborhood that I see every day, there is something special about the blossoms on the Tidal Basin. It is quintessential DC.

Focus on the Blossom

Focus on the Blossom

Check out more Cherry Blossom photos in under the tab “Recent Photos”.

Maybe you noticed…I changed my feature photos this month. “Stare Down” always popular with my clients and  “Blossoming”, a new photo in my collection are featured. Facebook commenters and website commenters have a chance to win either.

Finally some exciting news, my photos of Robinson Nature Center, see blog, will be featured in an exhibition at the Center from September during November. This occurs during Robinson’s third anniversary. As we get closer to the date, there will be an announcement of an artist reception. I hope all of you can make it.

For now, enjoy my view of DC’s spring!

And as always, thank you for supporting my work!

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I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook-, my purchase site- or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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4 Responses to It’s That Time of Year…Cherry Blossoms Galore

  1. Ali Vali says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  2. RJ says:

    Beautiful photos, Kathi. I would love to see the cherry blossoms on the tidal basin someday.


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