Rise and Shine or “The Early Bird gets the Worm”

I seem to like cliché titles. They fit my blogs well, but I bet you cannot figure out what I am going to write about today. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

I have mentioned before that photography is all about light, how much the camera sees, how the user controls that light, and what time of day we shoot are all factors in making the shot as perfect as we can humanly get. Ideally early morning/sunrise or dusk/sunset make the most compelling shots.


Summer Blooms II

On early morning or early evening photo shoots I often trek with my photo buddies, but on this particular summer day, I wanted KI to travel with me to Kenilworth Gardens in DC to see the lotus and lilies at their peak.

Summer Blooms IX

Summer Blooms IX



The blooming season is short, and KI had never seen these beauties in a setting quite like this. So with great spirit, we headed to the gardens for a 7 am shoot.


Summer Blooms I

Summer Blooms I




At this time of the morning one can see the blooms closed and just beginning to open as represented by the photos in this blog. Both types of photos are compelling in my opinion and make for great shots.





Summer Blooms III


It was hot and muggy even at 7 am so we did not stay long, but just enough to see a Great Blue Heron hunting for some breakfast(you can see its photo under “Recent Photos”). Usually they are elusive here, but besides a few photographers and the two of us, there were few people.



Summer Blooms VII

On the way back home, I treated KI to breakfast(small consolation for sleep deprivation) and asked if the trip to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens was worth getting up at dawn. She paused then nodded affirmatively.


Enjoy my photos of this amazing National Park right in the heart of Washington DC.

And as always thank you for supporting my work.

About kathiissermanphotos

I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/kathiandkim, my purchase site-http://kathi-isserman.artistwebsites.com or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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4 Responses to Rise and Shine or “The Early Bird gets the Worm”

  1. Devlyn says:

    Kathi, these photographs are magnificent, they have turned out beautifully.


  2. Beth says:

    The colors are absolutely gorgeous, thanks for sharing the photos.


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