My Last Photo of the Day



Capture Maryland awarded this Photo of the Day today. Since their site is shutting down next week because of lack of funds, this is my last submission, and it is fitting.

Radclyffe is my 13 year old girl. Yes, she was named after one of my favorite authors, and below is her story.

I found the romance author, Radclyffe, in March of 2002 when my 18 year old Angel, a beautiful black cat was dying. Rad’s books were of great comfort during that time, and I wrote to the author to tell her that. She responded almost immediately and made a fan for life and thus got a cat named after her!

Several months after Angel died, Radclyffe, my Tabby, came into my life quite by accident. She walked into a stranger’s doggy door and just presented herself. The stranger happened to be a neighbor of a colleague of mine. No one could keep Rad and her kitten, Malach, who hung around the outside of the house until he was captured. You see, Rad, terrified the dogs. That’s my girl!

In November of 2002, I adopted these two strays. A month later, KI Thompson accidentally appeared in my life too. 2002 was a very lucky year for me.

Fast forward to today, Rad is very sick. We are in the middle of testing what is wrong with her. Tomorrow am we go to get an ultrasound and will hopefully get some answers so we can move forward with treatment.

Our family asks for your prayers for our much beloved Radclyffe. She has brought so much to our lives, and we want her around for a long time to come.

Thank you.

About kathiissermanphotos

I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook-, my purchase site- or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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8 Responses to My Last Photo of the Day

  1. Beth says:

    I’ll be keeping you and the whole family in my thoughts as you work towards an answer for Rad.

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  2. I. Beacham says:

    Fingers crossed that Rad will be fine. Strangely, my cat is thirteen years old too, and called Beacham! But, between you and me, she’s actually the author of several books…don’t tell anyone. She dictates and I type (she gets her claws caught in the laptop keys).
    We’ll be thinking of Rad,

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  3. This is a very touching post, with a beautiful photo of Rad. I hope you get good news from the medical tests. I’ve just completed writing the copy for Jersey City’s animal shelter’s annual calendar that’s used for fundraising and raising consciousness about the lives of animals. Like Rad, so many cats and dogs have remarkable stories of bonding with their new parents after being rescued in one way or another. I’ve been the calendar copywriter for four years, and shed many a tear. My homelife doesn’t support having animals, so I’m especially appreciative when I hear honest stories like yours of having a pet and enjoying years enriched with joy and beauty.

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    • John, it sounds like you are doing your part to help the animal population. We took in an abandoned black cat 4 weeks ago. I was severely allergic to it-never had that reaction before. It now has a new home. It is an amazing pet, and we cannot believe how many people just discard their pets, thinking they can survive.

      Rad’s first vet thought that Rad had been in a home. Malach her kitten had not. He still is skittish after 12 years. Their loss, my family’s gain, but so many pets are not that fortunate. My vet has a whole room full of them.

      It is more than a shame. It’s criminal. I could go on forever on this subject. It breaks my heart. Rad and Malach are lucky and they know it. They constantly show their love, and we are better humans for having that unconditional love.
      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Dorinda Depp says:

    Hope little Rad gets better. Dorinda


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