It’s Time to Celebrate

Normally I do not post on Tuesdays. And normally I do not go into much detail about my life in my blogs except when it relates to photography. But today is an exception. You see today is not only my birthday but my 5th wedding anniversary to KI Thompson. Five years ago when KI asked me what I wanted for my big Five O birthday, I said I wanted to get married. We knew late the fall before that marriage was coming to DC. We did not know when, but in early winter 2010, it was confirmed by the DC Council that by the third week in March, they would issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. KI wanted to wait until Maryland got marriage equality, but in a compromise and in deference to my birthday wish, she agreed to marry in DC.

So today we celebrate something that I never even dreamed I would be celebrating at any time in my life- our wedding anniversary.

Grand Ol Home

Grand Ol Home

A few weeks ago KI took me on a surprise weekend to celebrate our five years of marriage. This was momentous in many ways, but most of all because she did all the planning, and I was thoroughly surprised and pleased. (the photos in the blog are from that weekend).

During our January 1st trek through John Wilkes Booth Escape Route( see KI’s blog), we passed a B&B that was the former Plantation home of President James Madison’s mother( President Madison was born there). Belle Grove Plantation is a lovely B&B with four bedrooms and a few out buildings from the 1720’s. The out buildings( American Ruins shows the summer kitchen) will eventually be restored by the new owners. During the weekend that we visited, James and Dolly Madison had dinner with us.



President Madison (a regular at Montpelier-Madison’s home) was celebrating his birthday. Fifteen of us gathered for an intimate dinner and a wide range of discussions centering on history and the Constitution. KI and I were the only ones staying overnight at the B&B besides the President and Mrs. Madison so we talked well into the night and the next morning at breakfast. It was such a treat.

The next day KI and I headed out to a winery and Stratford Hall, Robert E. Lee’s boyhood home, before heading home. We had a blast throughout the two days, soaking up Revolutionary to Civil War history.

Snowy Steps

Snowy Steps

Many of you are saying, “Ugh, all that history!” While others are saying, “That sounds like fun.”

The best part of these times together with KI is not just the trekking to the historic sites, but that we both love doing this and recognize the importance of preserving these treasures. This shared value binds us together as a couple and along with other values, makes us stronger as a couple.

So today on my fifth wedding anniversary, I am grateful that KI and I enjoy doing so many things together, and I look forward to the times we will share in the future.

American Ruins

American Ruins

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14 Responses to It’s Time to Celebrate

  1. Ellen Mayer says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Kathi. Hope you have a great day.


  2. I Beacham says:

    Huge Congratulations on your Anniversary. Here’s to many more years of happiness…and great photography!


  3. Charlotte Monroe says:

    You have captured the memories beautifully. Here’s toasting you and Ki : “Many More”.


  4. Beth says:

    A day of double blessings! Happy Birthday, Kathi, and Happy Anniversary to you and KI.


  5. Connie says:

    You two are perfect together. Keep on being happy & having great trips.


  6. Dorinda Depp says:

    Hi to both of you. Happy birthday Kathi. Happy 5th anniversary to you both. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years. And that you could actually got married. Having spent some time with you it’s always been clear that you love each other very much. Dorinda


  7. solargrrl says:

    Congratulations, you two! Add me to the list of those who say ‘what a fun time at those historical spots!” I think that is a wonderful way to spend an anniversary. Great photos, too. You have now preserved those buildings and scenes in your own way. Thanks for sharing!


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