Sunsets and Sunrises in Maine

Setting Sun

Setting Sun

In last Sunday’s blog, I wrote that KI and I were dry camping in Acadia. Some of you know what that is and others, like us a year ago, are saying, “Huh?” When RVing, when one doesn’t have hook ups like sewer, water and electric, that is dry camping. We are self-contained, meaning all of our water is coming from our RV tanks, all of our electric is coming from a, hopefully, fully charged coach battery and all of our dirty water wherever it is generated is going into our tanks!

We did a an overnight practice run twice before we set out on this adventure. As we were driving under bridges in NYC on a Friday night, that I thought were too low (KI was driving), we were both thinking did we practice enough? After a first night at a Connecticut rest area and a second night in Kennebunkport, Maine, we were well on our way to getting the hang of traveling RV style.

On the third day we arrived at Acadia National Park and set up camp well after dark in the forest with no full moon and very uneven terrain! Lesson 1: Never do that.

Setting Sun I

Setting Sun I

By the next morning we moved to a site that was a little more level. But keep in mind, this is a National Park, there are no paved sites. We were “roughing it” so to speak. Then we set off to find the dock where we were going on a Sunset Cruise the next evening.

Three of the photos in this blog were taken on that cruise. It was billed as a three hour “photo lesson”, and it was the highlight of our trip. While KI was taking iPhone photos and absorbing the many sites. I was learning a ton.

Setting Sun II

Setting Sun II

Very rarely do I promote a business on this blog, but this cruise, Acadia Photo Safari , prompted me to write a Trip Advisor review.

We focused on light and how to capture sunsets while dealing with the wide variances of light during a sunset. I wanted the “perfect” sunset. That was my goal. The evening presented itself with that opportunity, and I hope I made the best of it.

Howie, our instructor, was so thorough that my upcoming blogs in this series all feature a photo concept that I have adopted as my own.

All of the photos above were taken on the waters that surround Acadia. “Lonely Gull” was taken in York, Maine, on our way home.

Lonely Gull

Lonely Gull

As KI and I were celebrating my new job on the outdoor patio of a restaurant, I saw how the twilight accentuated this gull’s beauty and shot away. The last photo was taken the morning of the cruise, an hour after sunrise from the Park Loop Road in Acadia. KI loves sun flares so this one’s for her.

As always, thank you for supporting my work. Take a look at the tab “Recent Photos” to see more photos of our adventure.



Next up this Sunday: Lobsterman, boats and how I learned about leading lines and diagonals.

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6 Responses to Sunsets and Sunrises in Maine

  1. Parkit says:

    Nice! We were just there for the Night Sky Festival.


  2. KI says:

    Thanks for the sun flare photo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Devlyn says:

    Beautiful photos and memories. I am hard pressed to select a favourite out of these. Congratulations Kathi.

    Liked by 1 person

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