A View from the Backyard

A View from the Backyard

KI and I were in the “eye of the storm” last week. Columbia Maryland got 28 inches of snow. At the height of the blizzard I did what any self-respecting photographer would do and grabbed my camera. I only ventured out to my front and back porches. The wind was fierce, the snow was dropping at 1-2 inches an hour, and the drifts were 3-4 feet high-the snow levels were about 17 inches at this point.

I always find photos of snow difficult to take. White against any background especially in the sun blows out the highlights. Luckily(?) there was no sun. All of the photos in this blog were taken at the peak of the blizzard. The camelia had been blooming this winter like crazy but the snow covers the last bloom in “Peeking Through”. The lamppost in “Blizzard Warnings” lights up our way every evening and early morning when I leave for work.

I am pleased with “A View from the Backyard” as I have tried to capture this scene for the past eight years during every snowstorm. I think I finally got it!

Blizzard Warnings

Blizzard Warnings


Well, I am over the snow now! Streets are still not plowed. I heard DC just gave up. City and county sidewalks are not cleared, but officials are giving private business and individuals tickets. Our neighborhood is cleared because we pay a private company.

Peeking Through

Peeking Through




And a big shout out to our neighbor, James! He saved the day last Sunday. His big snowblower created a walkway and helped dig out one of our cars so I could leave on Monday for a business trip. There are still great things about America’s neighborhoods, and James is surely one of them.

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I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook-, my purchase site- or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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6 Responses to Snowzilla!

  1. Ferd Isserman says:

    Keep going!
    Love Dad


  2. CL Hart says:

    Wonderful pictures. Though I’m from Canada, we get very little snow here on the West Coast. I’m miss the big snow days of old. Thanks for sharing Kathi


  3. Dawn Kerth says:

    Kathi I had no idea you and Ki were in the middle of that storm. Your photographs are beautiful and I would think the storm was fun to watch but awful to have to be out in. Lucky you had such a nice neighbor but even then I’d have been anxious about driving. Hopefully by now all is quiet and safe. I love winter, in short doses. 😉
    Happy safe remaining winter. Hope to see you in Florida or Chicago

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