Hot Time, Summer in the City

KI and I are trying to get on level ground again after the past month of ups and downs. We will be traveling to a remote lake for a long weekend in hopes of recharging-well not so remote. It will probably be filled with lots of people since it’s ninety plus degrees in the shade and lakes are one place where we go to cool off!



BSB-HouseOfCloudsRecently KI and I took a Smithsonian “House of Cards” walking tour. We do love what DC has to offer. We were amazed by how many facts the tour guide had that we had forgotten. That’s the problem with binge watching. But what we love most about these tours as adopted natives of DC now, is the history. Of course, KI would love the history!

I loved the picture taking though. As I have written before when I photograph Colonial Williamsburg, I employ creativity to take well known photographic scenes now. I try to see another point of view or use editing to get a whole new look. This is what today’s photos reflect.

“Monotone Reflections” actually shows one of John Podesta’s buildings( he is Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair). The photo while showing a cool reflection did not stand out

Monotone Reflections

Monotone Reflections

until I turned it into a black and white photo. Then it popped as they say.

“Reflections” is a new favorite because of the angle of the shot, and we love ducks!

“Waterfalls” is actually a well known local spot for hanging out. It is near a Metro stop and across from the National Archives. It is part of the Navy Memorial. While KI and others were taking a short break from the heat during the tour, KI went into the Navy museum for a few minutes. She came out and said, “wow! there is a whole museum in there that looks really interesting.”

Now a new place to sightsee in our own backyard. Can’t wait!



Can you spot a few unusual things in the photo including identifying a few buildings? Email me at and let me know. You could win an 8×10 of this photo.

Bonus points for telling me the name of the nearest restaurant and cross streets! Big bonus points for telling KI how this particular area relates to her novel House of Clouds(and it is mentioned!). You can win a free ebook of House of Clouds for that answer.


About kathiissermanphotos

I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook-, my purchase site- or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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