Winter in Maryland Part 2


Profile in Light I

Profile in Light I


Winter Shadows

As I write this post, it is shortly after the new year, and it is cold and snowing. We have a fireplace in our bedroom and the office is next to that so a roaring fire is going, thanks to KI.

Profile in Light

Profile in Light

When this post publishes, KI and I will be on our first Olivia Cruise in the Caribbean. We can’t wait. It is dubbed as the “Stronger Together” cruise with Edie Windsor, Tammy Baldwin, Billie Jean King and others. It may help us heal or it may just be a reprieve from the real world.


Whatever it ends up being, today is snowy and bleak so enjoy these photos from winter in Maryland before the snow and cold.

Lone Traveler

Lone Traveler


Check out recent photos. I am adding photos to that page every week!


Thank you always for reading my blogs and supporting my work!

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I have been taking photos for the last 40 years and sharing them with friends and family. Recently I took the plunge to share them with a wider audience. You can view my photos on Facebook-, my purchase site- or here. I hope you enjoy viewing them, and please let me know what you think.
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4 Responses to Winter in Maryland Part 2

  1. Devlyn says:

    Here’s wishing you a fantastic cruise and a relaxing time. Beautiful photos as always Kathi. I love the thought of having a fireplace in the bedroom but prefer an air conditioner at the present.


  2. Marian Owens says:

    Gorgeous winter images, Kathi! The treatment on the groundhog image really provides an intimate look. The black-and-white images of the vintage sled and the shadows are wonderful too – lots of contrast. I also love the light in Profile in Light, and the gargoyle and copper downspout. Hope you and KI are having a wonderful time on your cruise!


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