Historic Ellicott City is Slowly Rebounding

Receding Lines III

Receding Lines III

For those who do not live in Maryland, Ellicott City is usually known for one of the best small towns in America to live in. Besides being right next door to Columbia where we live, it also has another more personal distinction for our family…

Receding Lines II

Receding Lines II

KI’s Revolutionary War ancestors settled there in Ellicott Mills-the Cuseys. We found this out about 13 years ago when we were getting ready to move there. Since then, KI has immersed herself in her genealogy and found the direct connection to these relatives.

Receding Lines

Receding Lines

This past year Ellicott City was “famous” for something else though. Historic flooding hit the town which is on the Patapsco River on July 30. Main Street, where the historic district is, barely survived. As I write this now, maybe 30 per cent of the businesses are open, probably 10-15 per cent will never open again. Fortunately many of the historic structures did survive.

The day after Christmas my family visited Main Street. We were taking my great- nephew, Eitan, to see the oldest railroad terminus in the country. The model trains were out, and he was fascinated.

Father and Son

Father and Son



As we walked the city, the first time for my nieces and nephews, I was encouraged that Ellicott City will survive and thrive once again.

For anyone who visits us, this is always a place on our must do list.

Today, enjoy Ellicott City as seen through my eyes and my 2 year old great-nephew’s eyes.


And Check out the “Recent Photos” tab for more photos of Ellicott City.

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1 Response to Historic Ellicott City is Slowly Rebounding

  1. Marian Owens says:

    Lovely and unusual Ellicott City images, Kathi!


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