Mexico or Bust!


Ancient Ruins II

Ancient Ruins II

A few weeks ago, I blogged on our recent cruise to the Western Caribbean. One of our ports of call was Cozumel, Mexico. KI and I took a shore excursion to the Tulum Mayan Ruins on Playa Del Carmen. I had been there in the late 90’s, and while the Ruins did not change, the area surrounding the ruins was a little more commercialized. Good for Mexico! There is nothing wrong with making some money off of a country’s national treasures. The results were a paved highway to the Ruins and some commercial businesses, more than one offering a cold Corona for a dollar. The best Corona KI and I ever had too!

The bus dropped us off at this commercial area where the “Lively Mercado” was photographed.

Ocean View I

Ocean View I

The walk was about 15 minutes to the Ruins. I don’t remember a long walk before, but I am hoping Mexico tourism figured they needed to protect these ruins a little better from vehicle traffic.

Our tour guide was knowledgable and treated us well. The tour guides were all local and the tour was from a local company. There was never any mention of “the wall” or other politics. They steered clear as professionals do, and showed us the best of Mexico-its people, food and sites.




Lively Mercado

Lively Mercado

While a salesman, named Alex,  from the row of stalls, approached me to buy from him, he was not pushy, and I promised to return after we visited the ruins. I am used to shopping in stalls like this especially at Florida flea markets, but usually the sales people are more aggressive. These sales professionals, and yes they were professional in their dealings,  were low key. I returned to Alex after our sightseeing and bought some jewelry for my mom and myself. (KI did not want anything for herself in case you were wondering.)

Throughout the day, I kept thinking to myself, I want to show Mexico and its people that we are truly its friendly neighbor to the north. I wanted them to know that we respect that friendship and common border. It was a heavy burden that I took on myself. But Mexico and its people had other ideas! They wanted us to have a good time, and that hospitality shined through.

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins


KI commented at the end of the cruise that the day at the Ruins was her favorite. I think our interactions with the best Mexico could offer had something to do with that.


Enjoy my photos of Mexico today!

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3 Responses to Mexico or Bust!

  1. Devlyn says:

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marian Owens says:

    Love the photos, and the story of your trip is indeed heartwarming! Lively Mercado is so colorful and happy-looking. And, or course, Ocean View I is like a dream. Glad you and KI had such a delightful trip!

    Liked by 1 person

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