Through my lens: an artist’s statement

Down by the Old Mill

My focus has always been on the natural world and its beauty whether it be a dragonfly, flower, frog, or tree bark.


When viewing our world, I look for how people and architectural structures fit into it now and in the past.  Do they coexist with their natural surroundings or look out of place?


To that end, what compels me to take a photo is, not only our natural world, but the history we created within it, thus combining my two loves of nature and history. It is my intention that my photographs of landscapes and architecture, as well as close ups of nature and historical artifacts, give us a sense of the world around us.


As a photographer and naturalist, I continually search for the obscure, as well as the obvious, as I believe without the two we do not get the full picture of our surroundings and its history.


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