Last Blog on WP

Today is my last blog on Word Press. I have found their policies unethical.I posted a longer piece on July 7 on that.  I am moving my photos to Facebook for all to enjoy. Here is the link.

Please follow me there. I will be posting photos more often and still letting you know KI’s and my travels. My website will still be available for viewing, but will now be static.

So now onto this photo… Sometimes when KI and I are camping we see something so worthy of a photo that KI says, “go get your camera. You must take that shot!”  Then I take many shots of the beauty before me, and what our eyes see are not conveyed in the photo.

This shot was taken as we were getting ready to go to sleep on one of our many camping adventures. The moonlight shone bright on the Bush River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. With a little post production, I think it came to life the way we saw it.

MoonLight Reflections

It is true that the eye sees much more than the camera.






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Summer Travels-Wildlife

Heron in Profile

There is no rhyme or reason as to how I pick the campgrounds where we stay on our summer weekends. Sometimes I hear about them at a “Show”, sometimes from fellow campers, and sometimes from searching the internet. KI and I like to stay at National Parks and State Parks more frequently, but private campgrounds are worked into our schedule too.


One of the closest private campgrounds to our home-only 45 miles away, is on the Bush River, a tributary to the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S.. All of these campgrounds boast wildlife, but few photos are taken since the wildlife chooses not to pose for me, or even come out for me!

Executive Board Meeting

While the campground we visited on this particular weekend was crowded, it really did have abundant wildlife.



KI even fed the ducks, a pastime she does at home with our seasonal visitors-much to the consternation of our neighbors.



Cormorants, a Great Blue Heron and Mallards were photographed. We even saw baby ducklings. Check out the tab above “Recent Photos” to see more wildlife. If I were kayaking, I would have seen even more…

Mama and Babies




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Happy Independence Day, USA!

This photo was taken in historic Alexandria Virginia this past December. How appropriate for today!


All of my friends in the USA, Happy Fourth! Here’s hoping to better days for tomorrow.

Holiday Wishes IV

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More Summer Travels-Learning to Kayak?


As KI and I travel to our many camping locations these summer weekends, I often wish we had a boat. Doesn’t matter what kind, row boat, pontoon, or even a kayak. We both did a lot of boating when we were younger. Kim’s family had a cabin cruiser, mine a sailboat. But even as we grew into adulthood, I would still boat. My older sister, Nancy, and I once paddle boated in Central Park. I don’t even know if that is possible these days. There was also the Minnesota summer where I took my nieces and nephews on two separate occasions pontoon boating for the afternoon on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Boating is relaxing in a way camping may not always be. There is a lot of set up and take


down with camping. With a boat during a day trip, you just hop in, grab the cooler and camera and go!


After the return from our most recent camping trip, I  am fixated now on learning to kayak. As a 50 something year old, I think I can handle that. It looks manageable, I think. I am more worried about how to store my camera.

Vintage Boat

What a great opportunity to see wildlife up close! Luckily there are rental kayaks at some of the campgrounds we book. KI knows that once I get my hooks into an idea I don’t let it go until I have tried it. It may even happen this Fourth of July weekend.




Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Enjoy today’s photos of the boats we see on our adventures. And Happy Fourth of July!

Docked and Moored









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Summer Travels Part 2: Climate Change

Wings of Fancy

As I blogged a few weeks ago, my mom came for a visit, and we hit the DC area and went to museums, gardens and historic sites. I tried to tire my 87 year old mom out, but her ever-ready batteries kept on going. Today’s blog features a goose and butterflies, but on a more serious note-climate change.



Every year one of our local gardens has a butterfly exhibit. The butterflies are not local though. They come from all over the world. In fact the north east of the US is losing some of its butterfly population- most notably the Monarch which was plentiful until recent years. On the eve of the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement I write this blog, and if you click here, you can read more about the Monarch’s dwindling population. Experts say that the Monarch is the “canary in the coal mine” when it comes to pollinators. KI has guest blogged here about other pollinators. Click here if you missed it.

Wings of Fancy I

The links I provide above offer a much more detailed description of how our world is being affected by climate change, urban development and the destruction of forest land. We cannot reverse the past effectively unless we take incremental steps. The Paris Climate Agreement allows each nation to do that. It is voluntary and so are the steps each nation decides to take to reverse some of the devastating effects. If anyone out there thinks that butterflies and bees disappearing is not a big deal, please click on the links above.

BTW the local butterfly exhibit is called “Wings of Fancy.”

Tall Grasses

The goose photo was taken in a small urban garden on the Chesapeake Bay in downtown Baltimore. As I got closer to take the photo, I spied 4 goslings and its mate. Geese, which are plentiful here, can be a problem in Maryland because their droppings are harmful to the environment and to the Chesapeake watershed-Go figure! But watching them watch over their little ones, one cannot help but empathize with their plight too. Just trying to carve out a little space as the world turns more urban.


Comment on this blog about what you are doing to reverse the effects of climate change. The first 5 comments will get a free matted photo of a bee or butterfly!







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Revisiting Photos and Places

Lighting the Way

Our recent travels have taken us to a dear friends’ home in southern Maryland, right in the heart of waterman country. This is Maryland’s livelihood in the summer-crabbing, fishing, tourism  and all endeavors that involve the Chesapeake Bay- the largest estuary in the US. Our friends’ daughter had returned home from her studies to once again intern for the Calvert Marine Museum. This time KI and I were treated to a view of this area from an expert.

KI had never seen Drum Point Light House. It was one of my favorite photographic spots in Maryland. But on a busy Memorial Day weekend, could I equal the last photos I took? Check out my blog and photos from a few years ago by clicking here 

I did not think so, but I tried anyway. Again I decided to try a little post production. I knew I could salvage these shots. When my eye formed the photo in my mind, I thought they were special. I like the results. I hope you do too!

Lighting the Way I




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Summer Travels

Vibrant Tones I

Vibrant Tones


As KI and I begin our summer travels, I find that my trips for the first part of the summer are focused close to home. My mom came to visit, and we love to sightsee. At 87, she still can get around and we trekked to a nearby garden to view the flowers and butterflies.

I love shooting flowers. It never gets old. Just looking at the photos brings a peacefulness and calm.

Yes, I have lots of shots of these gems, but seeing a bloom in a different light or setting is what makes photographing them fresh.

Vibrant Tones II

KI and I are spending our next few weekends on the Chesapeake and in Lancaster County PA-home of a community of Amish.  Some of these weekends are spent alone to recharge ourselves and others are with friends. Either way we love summer and a chance to get out in nature.

Muted Tones

I took “Muted Tones” knowing I had taken a similar one before. I liked the composition, but wanted to experiment. I like the tonal and saturation changes I made in editing.


I know some think editing is a “no-no”, but I strongly believe it gives me more creativity with my photographs.

Check out “Recent Photos”, a tab above. I am always adding photos there. Today I added a photo of cans, taken at the Museum of Industry in Baltimore. Check out how Baltimore has made some lasting worldwide contributions that even those as far away as Germany, Japan  and Australia benefit.


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